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TIA Bond Application
Thank you for your interest in TIA's Bond program. An application is available for online completion on the next page.

Please read the below information before proceeding.

The following items must be uploaded with your online application.
Before any bond can be quoted or processed, the below listed documents must be submitted. Please be sure that you have all of the necessary items ready to upload with the online submission of your application. You may upload PDF, Microsoft Word or image files.
  • Annual Financial statements not older than six months (including balance sheet, income statement and accountant's notes). Unaudited statements must bear the signature of the proprietor, partner or corporate officer. Financial statements should be provided on an accrual basis, not a cash basis. If you are a new entity and do not yet have a financial statement, please call to discuss your options.
  • Insurance and Risk Management evidence (e.g., Declarations page, Acord form) if available.
  • Completed and Signed Indemnity* Before completing the application on the next page, please print, sign, and scan this document. You must ensure that all fields are completed and all pages are initialed, signed and scanned with your submission. Your bond cannot be filed until an indemnity is received.
  • Completed and Signed Power-of-Attorney* allowing TIA to file the bond on your behalf with the FMCSA. Before completing the application on the next page, please print, sign, notarize, and scan this document.
*Power-of-Attorney and indemnity are not required for a quote but are required in order to write the bond. If you choose to submit all documents at once, it will expedite your submission.

You may also fax these documents.
If you wish to fax these items instead of uploading them with your application, please fax your supplemental items to (847) 700-8116 with a cover letter showing your company name and advising that you are applying for a TIA Bond.

You will have 1 hour to complete the application on the next page.
To avoid the risk of your application “timing out,” save your application as a draft.

If you have any questions about applying for a TIA bond, contact:

Need technical assistance?
If you have any technical questions or problems using this website, please contact helpdesk@avalonrisk.com or call (847) 700-8150.

After you have read the above,